Omka games is independent video game studio

Searching for new generation formats of engaging MMO and hyper-casual games

Our Games


Mobile indie puzzle arcade.
Crazy brain boiling adventure with amazing visuals and original techno music.
Trigono Trailer
Trigono Gameplay


Mines is free-to-play open world MMO game with ability to create digging, learning and building bots.
This game is in active development, soft launched in Russia. There are 300 gamers daily, MAU is 5,000. Gamers are paying for opportunities and improvements of their bots (whale-based monetization). We have great retention for early adopters and fans.

We are looking for investments to make the game more engaging and scale it to mass market.

- Browser (WebGL), MacOS, Windows, made on Unity
- Diverse incredible maps
- Open market
- In game chat system
- Clan system with wars
- Bot visual programming interface

Full creativity freedom like in Minecraft, incredible world like in Eve online, and automated manufacturing like in Factorio
Game bots and clickers for which you will be banned in other MMO are legalized here. Amazing!

Some of our experiments


Zen-Adventure of Infinity Surface.
You are managing a surface walking through labyrinths and collecting artifacts.


Collection of minimalistic hyper-casual games where you have to discover game controls to win by collecting as many points as possible.


Arcade in hyperbolic geometry.
Brain breaking experience of gameplay with a different kind of geometry.

Trigono tracker

Music sequencer for Trigono game so music can react to gameplay and vice versa.